Quality networking service

One of our specialties is the installation of networks, including services of set-up and troubleshooting of connectivity of personal computers and in micro and small companies.

Support and / or outsourcing, business support where we make our technicians and engineers available to solve any type of hardware and / or software problem presented in your company.

We install the networks that your office or home requires to take full advantage of technology, with quality materials and qualified labor. we design, install, configure and use network devices in a company that is implementing for the work of:

– Print
– share files
– administrative programs
– IP security cameras

Reliable network connectivity and installation

– installation of networks in the office or networks at home. wired networks, wireless networks.
– verification of adsl and cable type internet connections.
– network design, support and maintenance
– remote access to servers
– file and peripheral sharing (printers, scanner, etc.)
– router configuration, firewall and vpn networks
– installation and implementation of information backup services.